The finale to the Oculus of Senrahbah series. You are after Pelicos Red- the man who double crossed you and stole the artifact!

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The Oculus of Senrahbah is one of four ancient and powerful relics used centuries ago by the Ydrissid Empire used to grant them control over the four elements – in a similar, but more powerful manner used by the Zenoks of Chentoufi today. During The Great Wrath, as the Ydrissid Empire crumbled, the artifacts were eventually lost and spread to the winds across Okkorim.

The Oculus itself holds sway over elemental water and was similarly powerful in magical divination. During the power struggle that preceded The Great Wrath, the device was in the possession of a mighty thaumaturge whose name is lost in the mists of time, deep in the heart of the Ydrissid Empire. The archmage fled from the destruction using the power of the Oculus to protect them. In the tumultuous decades that followed, the power and glory of the once mighty Yrissid disappeared like water poured in the sands.

The Oculus traded owners several times and its exact whereabouts were unknown but tales of its power caused many to seek its whereabouts over the centuries. That is how your group came in contact with the Oculus of Senrahbah. You were hired by Pelicos Red to locate an old magic item he was seeking for his patron and bring it to him. This relatively simple sounding task took a strange turn when you were waylaid by The Sisters of Mazuzah while researching Ydrissid lore in the reserved section below the Grand Library, you escaped their grasp and discovered clues that led you deep under the City of Chentoufi to a long forgotten Imperial Security Force compound where the Oculus was stored thousands of years ago. Once you defeated the formible warden of that place, you discovered the artifact was gone apparently eroding its way through the rock into the Dahloom or Everdark, the natural tunnels and caverns beneath the surface of Okkorim.

Not to be deterred, you searched through the complex maze of tunnels and were within mere moments of confronting the Beluk-tu, or fishfolk, who were using the Oculus as part of their rituals in worship of the dread god of the deep Kthaat when you were betrayed. Pelicos Red had followed you somehow and gotten ahead of you. He stole the Oculus and disappeared leaving you to deal with the angry mob of Beluk-tu and their shaman. You escaped with your lives from the Everdark, but you seethe with righteous indignation at the effrontery of Pelicos Red. Weeks have passed and still there is no hint as to where he fled. That is until now…

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