Eons past, the World of Okkorim was crisscrossed with waterways and rich with flora and fauna. It was a land replete with resources, but one culture prospered more than others. Through the systematic conquest and assimilation of neighboring peoples and their lands, the Empire of the Ydrissid [ee-DRIH-sihd] was born. 
While the Empire’s might was unequaled, they nevertheless succumbed to their own greed and power-hungry nature. Centuries have now passed and the Ydrissid are long gone, but their relics, artifacts, and treasure remain for those brave enough to venture into the BLIGHTED LANDS™ of Okkorim!

The Eye of Chentoufi

The adventurers are hired to find a long lost artifact called
"The Oculus of Senrahbah"
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The Heart of Chentoufi

Deep beneath the city of Chentoufi, the adventurers uncover the dangers of the city's former rulers!
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The Fate of Chentoufi

In a race against time, the adventurers must find the Oculus of Senrahbah before it is too late!
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