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Calling All Adventure Writers!

Attention, adventurers of the TTRPG realm! Gaxx Worx® is embarking on a quest to discover talented storytellers from every corner of the gaming world. Luke Gygax, the visionary behind the captivating realm of Okkorïm, is extending an invitation to the imaginative minds of the TTRPG community, ranging from the casual GM and player to the seasoned professional.

We’re on the lookout for writers to contribute their creativity to the pages of the upcoming G20 Magazine™. Immerse yourself in the enchanting city of Chentoufi and weave tales that will captivate readers and players alike.


  • Submissions are open to all members of the TTRPG community, regardless of experience level.
  • Suitable for all ages and audiences. No controversial submissions will be accepted, including but not limited to, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender or identity, obscene, or offensive material that may be construed as offensive to both adults and minors. Determination of suitable material rests solely with Gaxx Worx® management.

How to Participate

  • Submit a 750-word (1000-word max) outline of your idea!
  • Submit your adventure to Gaxx@gaxxworx.com
  • No limit to submissions
  • Your outline should include the basics of your proposed adventure, the type of environment (sewers, desert, forest, etc.),  the main objective, the big bad antagonist, and a rough outline from beginning to end for the story. 
  • IF CHOSEN for publication, you then turn your submission adventure into a 3,000-word, 2-creature stat max adventure (delivered within 30 days of selection).

Reward Awaits

Upon selection and publication of your adventure submission by Gaxx Worx® you will receive financial compensation for your work! In addition:
  • Your name published in Luke’s G20 Magazine
  • 3-Month Silver Membership to the Gaxx Society
  • 1 physical copy of the issue of G20 Magazine with your adventure in it!

Submit your Story Outline

Send your story outline submission via Gaxx@GaxxWorx.com or copy and paste it into the form below.

The legalese: By submitting this form, you acknowledge Gaxx Worx is not obligated to accept or publish your works. Further, you understand submitting story proposals to Gaxx Worx will be evaluated by a group of your peers in the gaming community and no privacy regarding your submission is guaranteed or implied. By submitting to Gaxx Worx, you offer full release of intellectual property of the submitted content to Gaxx Worx, LLC.

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