Welcome to the Strange & Grim, my friend!

S&G is a world in which both science and sorcery propel civilization into a new age of iron, industrialization, and innovation!

The Commonwealth of Rynmark stands as a beacon of a new age promising a bright future for everyone. But that is a facade, a flimsy veneer barely covering the fraying darkness and corruption of the Old Ways. Strange & Grim combines elements of Horror and Dieselpunk genres into a gritty and gripping setting. Adventures are fast-paced and exciting as the players come in conflict with world-spanning syndicates wielding immeasurable influence, and maniacal villains seek domination.

The key component of Strange & Grim is the fast-paced and exciting elements we bring to the adventures using the Everyday Heroes RPG engine by Evil Genius Productions. With this system, you can find your adventurers – or agents in S&G – racing through the skies chasing world-killing automatons, chasing madmen through the streets who threaten the city with chemical weapons, or disarming major powers through intense missions of espionage.

Strange & Grim is best described as a “Dieselpunk/Horror” setting that focuses on a time period similar to Europe in the 1920s-1940s. The engines are loud, the aeroships are fast, and the corruption is absolute. 

Our Kickstarter launches 2023!

Strange & Grim is compatible with 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons™ and uses the Everyday Heroes™ RPG engine for non-stop action in this world of high-stakes chases, aerial combat, and the unforgiving demi-plane that surrounds the world known as the Void.

The core elements of Everyday Heroes™
are based on the Open Gaming License (OGL)
for d20 Modern, released in the 2002.

Dungeons and Dragons is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc. Everyday Heroes is a registered trademark of Evil Genius Games